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at Frankfurt Airport since 1989

Car Care at Frankfurt Airport

You travel. We take care of your vehicle directly at Frankfurt Airport

Enjoy your trip, while we rejuvenate your car in our ParkTresor at Frankfurt Airport. Make use of our comprehensive range of services, and while you travel, we handle the time-consuming tasks of car cleaning or maintenance. Book online, and set up your individual service package. Add our Call Valet Parking Service at Frankfurt Airport as an optional extra, and you can stop worrying about your car, and enjoy your trip right from the beginning.

Wagenpflege am Flughafen Frankfurt |

Car Care:

Exterior hand wash
Rim cleaning
Interior detailing
Car waxing, polishing or paint repair

Tankservice am Frankfurter Flughafen | ACS

Car Transfer Services:

Refueling service
Car repair shop
Pick-up and delivery service

Range of Services:

Transfer for car inspection
Transfer to an authorized workshop for maintenance or repair
Call Valet Parking
Fraport VIP Service

Current Prices for Car Care in our Parking at Frankfurt Airport

 Exterior hand wash (compact) 35,00 €
 Exterior hand wash (SUV) 40,00 €
 Exterior hand wash (VAN) 45,00 €
 Paint cleaning including sealing 180,00€
 Interior detailing (compact) 50,00 €
 Interior detailing (SUV) 55,00 €
 Interior detailing (van) 60,00 €
 Additional charge for stubborn contamination 10,00 €
 Summer/winter car service package / refurbishment (compact) 200,00€
 Summer/winter car service package / refurbishment (SUV) 250,00€
 Summer/winter car service package / refurbishment (van) 300,00€
 Extra services On request

All prices are indicated in Euro, and include 19% VAT.
Prices are subject to change without notice. Errors excepted.
As of January 24, 2018.

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